The OPAL NETWORK is the World's only OTT Network for 360, VR and AR Experiences


The OPAL Sphere provides a unique 360° viewing surface, with no head mounted device required to experience stunning Virtual Reality and 360 content. With its beautiful, simple and engaging interactive surface, the OPAL Sphere can playback any spherical content in stunning hi-definition resolution.

OPAL's built-in streaming capabilities provide access to the OPAL NETWORK, allowing infinite content viewing possibilities. OPAL also features iOS and Droid Apps for users to connect mobile and tablet devices directly to the device.


OPAL EDUCATION enables students and educators to explore, interact and share the world’s global marketplace in an engaging and immersive way. Our goal is to revolutionize the way people experience content – initially in the classroom, and ultimately in every home. We live in a global society. Now more than ever, it’s important to have the tools to understand global information.


OPAL EDUCATION is a highly scalable, cloud-based worldwide reference platform for rich global media and applications. OPAL’s Education platform for students and institutions, creates compelling social experiences - enabling students to interact with spherical content: Earth images, Planets, Maps, Interactive Atlases, Astrophysics full-sky images, 360° Movies and Panoramics.

OPAL NETWORK's team has long-standing relationships with organizations such as NASA, NOAA, USGS, UNESCO, ESA, Smithsonian, World Bank, American Museum of Natural History, European Space Agency, Copernicus Science Center, and hundreds of other institutions around the world that create a library of 360 content.


OPAL's built-in streaming capabilities provide access to the OPAL Gaming Network, allowing infinite content viewing possibilities. OPAL also features iOS and Droid Apps for users to connect mobile and tablet devices directly to the device.

OPAL's interactive screen and personal network capabilities allow users to experience Virtual and Augmented Reality on their Sphere. Audiences can interact with the Sphere using their mobile or tablet device, giving users the enhanced ability to play, interact and view additional content through the OPAL App.


The OPAL Network provides curated and updated content to constantly refresh the OPAL Network.

Social Media and Video Communications allow audiences to share 360 experiences and User Generated Content daily.


OPAL's dedicated and partnered Social Channels feature content for Social Media, communication, streaming, news, and personalized content. Photo albums, Holiday theme packs, and home video tools allow audiences to stream and customize their Sphere experience.



OPAL's Commercial Retail division launched December 2016, has a current reach of over 45M people per year and is located in 150+ institutions, airports, malls, and growing.​


OPAL's unique shape and design instantly attracts viewers. 360° Video and Virtual Reality can be combined and viewed at the same time.


OPAL 360° surface allows multiple viewers to experience Virtual Reality and 360° content simultaneously, especially younger audiences that are not allowed to wear VR headsets, or audiences that have never experienced VR.


OPAL EVENTS provides an Interactive Platform for Public 360 Storytelling, Marketing, and Advertising.

OPAL 360 Spheres engage Individuals, Groups and Public Audiences, ideal for group viewing, conventions, classroom and educational institutions, museum installations, trade shows, marketing and entertainment venues.

Use Cases: - Corporate VR and 360 Marketing and Branding

    -  Public 360 Advertising in Airports, Malls, Theme Parks

    -  VR Production and Marketing for VR studios

    -  Filmmakers and experience creators

    -  Live streaming of 360 events for sports and entertainment

    -  Point of sale marketing: retail, VR, experience centers, theme parks

    -  VR virtual tours for travel, real estate, recruiting

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